Dennis Martire -
May 18, 2023
Dennis Martire
Throughout his impressive 30-year tenure at the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), Dennis Martire has achieved numerous accomplishments that have greatly benefited workforces across the United States. Currently serving as the elected vice president and regional manager for the mid-Atlantic area since 2002, Martire has made significant strides in Maryland, particularly in Montgomery County.

In his role, Martire devoted substantial efforts to the passage of a prevailing wage law aimed at ensuring fair wages for working families in Montgomery County. This law, spearheaded by Martire, sought to provide taxpayers with greater value for their public investments. Research has consistently shown that prevailing wage laws have overwhelmingly positive effects. Contrary to popular misconceptions, these laws do not drive up costs. Instead, they enable work to be conducted by skilled employees in a more efficient and safer manner.

Under Martire's steadfast leadership, Montgomery County's workforce reaped the benefits of these goals, including fairer wages and improved working conditions. The prevailing wage law brought forth by Martire not only prioritized the well-being of workers but also contributed to enhancing the overall quality of public projects and services in the county.

Martire's commitment to advocating for fair wages and better working conditions exemplifies his unwavering dedication to the laborers he serves. His achievements in Maryland stand as a testament to his ability to effect positive change and make a lasting impact in the pursuit of a more equitable and prosperous workforce.